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Hubert Montoya - THE boss

My ambition?
Creating a magical place, this is perhaps the real reason for this “madness”…
Everything went on as if it were written… with the added bonus of meeting Michel DELUC, who is no longer presented in the acoustic world.
Michel? A sort of concentrate of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic who would offer you to set up a tennis club. It cannot be refused!
In reality, you are not even thinking; you embark directly on the adventure, with the conviction that this opportunity will not happen again anytime soon.
At the heart of the project, the 9000 … the most prestigious analog console from SSL, the Rolls Royce. For this reason, he needed a setting, an ideal location… 80 visits to unearth the pearl! It was April 1; I called Michel immediately. As an evidence, he whispered in my ear in a knowing way: “What do you want me to do here?

Professional saxophonist, the world of the “studio” was unknown to me. I then replied: “Let go Michel, you have carte blanche! »
Out of the ground came exceptional acoustics and a listening system of rare elegance.

A decade has passed since then and with experience, building a great team, I am proud to present to you what eventually became Ever Estudio!

Ever Estudio?
Ever as if to symbolize eternity…
Estudio as if to return to the origins but also to this “quest” for excellence, for the inaccessible… As Jacques Brel describes it so well.
To always be “on the way“, to learn always and again… to concretize with this studio what I would call the dream of the musician.

In Spanish, Estudio?
Yes, my origins, those of the Mediterranean sun, mine this time – Hubert MONTOYA.

Ever Estudio?
Fifth letter of the alphabet, the E symbolizes man and his 5 senses, that is to say the faculties to seek the divine through matter and life…

To Mr. Brecker…for Ever

Ever-Estudio Boss Hubert-MONTOYA

Michel Deluc - DESIGNER

“ The evening we calibrated the monitoring system with Michel Deluc, the emotion was such that weshed tears. The yet demanding specifications exceeded all our expectations. The stereo image of incredible precision, the energy emitted perfectly controlled in the cabin and the impressive sonic impact does not bode any limit in the bass and treble. »

Sound ingeneers


Jean Philippe Benetto-Rossi, called Phil Rossi in the trade, is a sound engineer, composer, director. He notably composed a song which became the credits for TF1 de la Extrême Limite. Born of a pianist father Marcel Rossi of a singer mother Lita Mirial this allowed him to be very early in the bath of artists and musicians. Surrounded by great sound professionals such as: Dominique Blanc-Francard, Umberto Gatica, Steeve Foward, Nicolas Garin, Ludovic Laneen, he will quickly become a renowned sound engineer. He worked with the Poetic Lovers, Sandie Valentino, on the soundtrack of the film Bouge (Ophelie Winter), La Ola, Sally Bat des Ailes, Serge Baretto, Alliage, Patchai. He is a director and sound engineer on the projects of the group Chico and the Gypsies. In 2000, he created a studio department in the Scorpio Music label (Henri Bélolo) producer of Village People, Break Machine, etc… Phil took part in a year of casting and preparing the songs for the comedy Romeo and Juliet by Gerard Presgurvic, arranged by Carolin Petit. He works with a group of American rappers from Philadelphia, EMIGRANTS and the world champion of full contact DIDA (rap).
Ever-Estudio Inge-Son Philippe-ROSSI


A graduate of Abbey Road Institute, London in 2016, Lucas has since worked in the studio as a sound engineer (recording and mixing), producer and director. Its style is characterized by the almost exclusive use of analog equipment. You will be able to speak with Lucas in French and English.
Ever-Estudio Inge-Son Lucas


Alexis’ specialties are voice recordings and mixes.
He mainly works on urban music projects (rap, r&b, soul, pop, etc…).

Alexis can also record more acoustic formations.

His references: Manal, Ninho, Hamza, Roxaane, Judeline…

EVER ESTUDIO Ingé son Alexis Cayrouse